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Containing Groups

. . . if you're interested in joining us.

We welcome experienced and committed psychoanalytic clinicians who would like to share their thinking with our more junior members. 

Our junior members work in various roles - as teachers, teaching assistants, youth workers, social workers, residential care staff, and with drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, crime and mental illness.  They are regularly exposed to high levels of disturbance from their clients, and from the dysfunctional organisations that employ them, and which so often replicate the disturbed dynamics of their vulnerable clients. 

Many of us came to value psychoanalysis because we worked in similar situations, and received psychological support at a time when such support was more freely available.  In our present social climate, fewer organisations understand the necessity for psychoanalytic consultation.

APPCIOS was established by a group of senior clinicians who have spent their professional lives providing such consultation, and we know how important it is.  In the seven years of our existence we have built a membership of over 120 people, many of them low-paid staff, who fully recognise the value of what we can give them.  Some tell us that they see it as a lifeline. 

APPCIOS is able to guide them towards a variety of low-cost CPD components.  We provide free mentoring, and help them to gather a portfolio that can lead to qualification as BPC organisational therapists. This is made possible through the commitment and dedication of our senior clinician members who joined APPCIOS in order to set up and provide such components. 

As our numbers grow, we will need more senior clinicians. 

Here are some of the things we need you to provide:

  • webinars courses, both theoretical and experiential
  • individual supervision and therapeutic supervision
  • therapy
  • discussion groups
  • reading groups
  • special interest groups
  • mentoring.  

We know you may feel unsure about working through the screen rather than face-to-face, and we understand your anxieties.  We have struggled with this ourselves, and can provide support and guidance.  For our members, who live far away from the centres where psychoanalytic expertise is easily available, it's this or nothing.  So it's worth persevering.  

Our members are willing to pay a reasonable fee - and their eagerness to learn makes the work doubly rewarding. 

If you think you might be interested, do contact us.  Just email us at admin@appcios.info and we can arrange a conversation. 

And if you are already providing consultation to an organisation, or running courses that could become CPD components, do take a look at our course accreditation guidelines.  You'll find them here:  http://pd-net-staging.mark-edwards.me.uk/course-accreditation-guidelines