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The Library is open to all visitors to the APPCIOS community website and it contains a wide range of material we hope will be of interest. This includes links to relevant written material in the public domain and articles or papers by members of the organisation.  If you would like to contribute an article of your own, please get in touch and if you feel you would like some help please apply to the Library Help Desk group

We want to add to what`s available in our library, whether it`s an article in the public domain or one written by a member of APPCIOS, and we believe it`s important that the range is wide but that it also reflects what concerns readers most about the world in which they work and live at the moment.  With that in mind, we might suggest topics such as Democracy in the Western World, Climate Change as likely subjects, but there will be many more which psychodynamic practitioners will have experienced and could share with others. We'd love to hear your ideas, and of course your own contributions!


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APPCIOS is an independent professional association whose members have demonstrated expertise in psychodynamic practice within organisational settings.  It provides a learning environment, offering a wide range of support to those who use psychodynamic thinking in their work, whether as clinicians or in other areas.   The Library reflects the scope of the association, and we offer a free and friendly editorial service to members wanting to contribute papers or articles.  In order to protect APPCIOS, we reserve the right to reject any material the Management Committee believes will compromise the integrity of our organisation and the librarians` decision will be final.


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