December 2023

As the cold and dark nights draw in the APPCIOS community continues to grow and keep people from places far and wide connected.

The festive season will hopefully allow for some well-earned rest and recuperation and time to contemplate some of our interesting activities for the new year.

Special Interest Groups

We offer several free Special Interest Groups open to all members of our Community. You do not need to be a paying member of APPCIOS to access these, but you do need an account on our community site. If you are reading this, you will probably have an account. If you don't, please contact our Admin team here.

There are currently four Special Interest Groups running:

The Psychoanalytic Reading Group run by Annie Pesskin - where published psychoanalytic authors present their work and answer questions. Find out more about this very successful group here

The Film Discussion Group - Every month, group members choose a film to watch, and then meet on Zoom to discuss it. If you are interested in joining just send an email to Jacki Horsburgh & Susan Maciver and they’ll give you more information and the date of the next meeting.

A Space to Think. This is a space where everyone can bring their thoughts and questions about the psychoanalytic implications of everyday life and contemporary public concerns; and explore how we apply this approach to organisational dynamics, human relations and individual mental health. Go here to find out more.

The Reflective Practice group runs on alternative Thursday’s and is facilitated by Tony Burch. You can contact him here if you are interested in joining.

If any of our Full Members are interested in developing and running a SIG please contact us here (Emma or Aly).


Conference 2023 update

We held a very successful free conference at the beginning of the Autumn term. 

Enactment and Environment: Psychodynamic endeavours beyond the consulting room

The excellent presentations sparked some stimulating debate which we continued in a post conference discussion in early December.

You'll find more details about this discussion and a review of the conference here. We hope to publish some articles by our conference speakers very soon.

Group Relations Conference

Planning is underway for an APPCIOS online Group Relations Conference. We hope our first such conference in 2024 will be the start of  a regular APPCIOS series.  Keep an eye out for more details in our next newsletter.

Bespoke Consultation and Training

We offer bespoke accredited trainings to any organisation dealing with vulnerable client groups.   Go here to find out more. 

Online Therapeutic Services

As well as providing bespoke consultation and training, we continue to work on a few well thought through ideas for therapeutic projects, for which we are seeking commissioning or spot purchasing opportunities. We are pleased that so many of our APPCIOS members have declared an interest in delivering the services we have planned. If you are conscious of a gap in services or a commissioning opportunity, please do let us know on

APPCIOS also offers a limited provision for individual therapeutic work with adults and for psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling to young people, as well as therapeutic support to families, parents and carers.  If you would like to make a referral, please contact or

And you can download a leaflet here.

Take a look at our ever-expanding Library!

There’s a link to it on the top menu of every page on the Community Site .


Joining us

We welcome non-paying members into our community: just press the 'join us' tab at the top of the page.

But paying members can get much more. And it only costs £55 a year!

For anyone considering taking up a paying APPCIOS membership:

There are lots of good reasons to become a paying member of APPCIOS:

Go here to see them.

And go here to find out how to join.

We offer a Training Escalator for anyone working regularly with vulnerable client groups or wanting to deepen their understanding of personal and organisational dynamics within a work situation.

We provide a wide range of webinars and free mentoring to help you to decide which ones would best suit your needs.  We also provide experiential dynamic groups and individual supervision.

If you want to gather these into a portfolio to achieve a qualification, we can help you achieve registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council as a Psychodynamic Organisational Therapist.

And as an Organisational Therapist, you will be eligible to take our top-up training and become a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.


Webinars are open to all paying members.

We have continued to work hard to develop our webinar programme this term and many of you have taken the opportunity to engage in the rich CPD programmes.

All webinars are open to members of APPCIOS. If you have an account on this Site, but are not a member of APPCIOS, do consider joining as a paying member for a small yearly subscription. You can find out more about that here.

New Webinars

We have two exciting new webinars beginning this term delivered by some of our senior colleagues. Information about both will shortly be on the site so please stay alert for updates.

Lynne Amidon & Phil Faulkner will begin a Psychoanalytic Experiential Process Group. This is ideal for members who would like to obtain a better understanding of group dynamics, or of how they themselves manage the experience of working in a group.   For those working towards full membership, it can also supplement or replace the requirement for individual personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  Details for this group will follow shortly.

Emma Higgs and Mark Waddington will run a year long Work Discussion Webinar, combined with an experiential process group.    This is designed to develop a psychoanalytic understanding of practice.  Again, details will follow shortly.

Existing Webinars

Fiona Henderson and Jan McHugh will be running a reading discussion group: time and start date to be arranged, please contact Fiona or Jan direct to express your interest.

Andrew Briggs is running a second series of his successful  ten-week webinar: 'The individual in the Group and the Group in the Individual: An introduction to some of Bion's ideas'. This is likely to start near Easter – dates to follow.

Andrew Briggs is delivering a fourth series of his ten-week webinar; Observing Organisations. Dates to follow.

Trudy Darien and Devika Dhar continue to offer the very successful webinar on Race. Please click on the link, and register your expression of interest for this 2024 series by sending an email.

Devika Dhar and Phil Faulkner continue to offer our Infant Observation webinar. Please register your interest by clicking on the link.

All of these webinars are considered core webinars  towards the APPCIOS Psychodynamic Organisational Therapy qualification and  count towards relevant portfolio experience. They are also excellent CPD opportunities. 

As always, the running of all webinars depends upon take-up on a first-come-first-served basis so we would encourage you to register your interest or sign up as soon as possible. Trudy Darian is lead co-ordinator of all webinars and can be contacted here should you need help in registering your interest.

The APPCIOS Top-Up Training

This is for APPCIOS full members only, and leads to BPC registration as a psychodynamic psychotherapist.

We are currently collecting expressions of interest for the new cohort of trainees. If you are an experienced psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic practitioner who wishes to deepen and develop your clinical practice, broaden your client group and develop your capacity to work in a range of settings - in particular via Zoom - follow this link.  In order to join this training, you need first to be a Full Member of APPCIOS.


A huge thank you to all members who completed last years CPD. Just a heads up that this year we will aim to move our CPD return date forward slightly in order to align with our April Subscription renewal date. Expect to hear from us in March 2024!



Our board of trustees continues to grow. This term we have welcomed Roger Banks, John Diamond and Vikram Luthra.

Roger Banks is a consultant psychiatrist with more than 30 years of experience of working with people with learning disability, autistic people and their families. In 2020 he was appointed National Clinical Director for Learning Disability and Autism. In 2009-2010 he was jointly responsible for drafting “Better Health-Better Lives” the world Health Organisation’s Declaration and Action Plan for the Heath and Wellbeing of Children and Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families.

John Diamond was the CEO for the Mulberry Bush, where he worked for over 30 years. The Mulberry Bush provides specialist therapeutic care, treatment and education to severely emotionally troubled children ages 5-13years. He is a member of the Therapeutic Communities Accreditation Panel and the Royal College of Psychiatry.

Vikram Luthra is a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist working in Leeds and York NHS. He delivers Balint groups to postgraduate doctors in training. He is involved in researching and delivering Dual Training in Medical Psychotherapy and Psychiatry. He is the clinical lead for Take Time a free service providing therapy for health workers in training in Yorkshire and Humberside.

We have also seen a change in Chair of the Trustees; Bob Hinshelwood is now joined by Janet Strivens as co-Chair. 

Management Committee

We are pleased to welcome Trudy Darien to the management committee this term and we are sure she will add significantly to the ongoing development of APPCIOS.

And finally:

We would love to be able to provide everything for free, but keeping APPCIOS going costs money and we rely on your contributions and the subscriptions of our paying members.

You’ll find a donate button at the top right-hand corner on every page of our Site, just under the APPCIOS logo.

With warm wishes for the season