August Newsletter 2023


August Newsletter 2023

Mid-summer always feels both tiring and an opportunity for a well-earned break and reset. Here at team APPCIOS, we wish you all a restful summer. 

With the reset in mind, here's what we've got planned for the Autumn.

Our Annual Conference 2023.

Don't forget to register for our free conference.  
You'll find more details about it here

Enactment and Environment: Psychodynamic endeavours beyond the consulting room

Sunday 24th September 2023 10 am – 4 pm

Free 1-day online conference open to all people interested in the application of psychodynamic work.

To register please email
Registration closes on Sunday 17th September 2023
New Publications by APPCIOS members

Paul Terry:  A Clinician’s Guide to Understanding and Using Psychoanalysis in Practice






Paul draws on three central psychoanalytic concepts:  countertransference, projective identification, and the destructive superego. This is an intimate portrait of his approach to working with people suffering from acute and chronic emotional pain, written in his unique and distinctive style.   

You can order a copy from Karnac or from Amazon

Paul is one of the regular hosts for our Discussion Group A Space to Think.  

Annie Pesskin:  The Kids Are Crying Again: Emergency Communication Skills for Partners and Parents.






Falling in love is easy! But sustaining healthy relationships is hard. Becoming a parent is one thing, but being a good enough parent is another thing altogether. Every relationship book says ‘Communicate better!’ But what does that really mean? And how do you actually do it? When your feelings make you suffer, this book offers the tools to understand why you react the way you do, why you struggle to forgive and why you might carry resentment around like stones in a backpack. The Kids Are Crying Again equips you with communication skills to turn fractious family relationships into kinder, happier ones.

You can find out more about her new book  - and order a copy - by following this link.  

Annie is a wonderful communicator!   She runs our monthly psychoanalytic reading group - where you can get to meet her and join in the discussion with authors she invites to talk about their work. 

See also Annie Pesskin’s blogs here


We have been very pleased to host a number of successful webinars last term and are keen to keep momentum with this. Here is information on some new developments and reminders of our existing learning and community thinking forums. 

If you have an account on this Site but are not a member of APPCIOS, do consider joining.  You can find out more about that here.  

New Webinars

We have 2 exciting new webinars beginning this term delivered by some of our senior colleagues. Information about both can be found on our community site and by clicking on the links below where there are instructions to sign up.

Fiona Henderson and Jan McHugh are delivering a reading discussion group:  time and start date to be arranged, please contact Fiona or Jan direct to express your interest. 

Andrew Briggs is running a 10-week webinar series on 'The individual in the Group and the group in the individual: An introduction to some of Bion's ideas'. The series will run on Wednesday evenings 8-9.15 pm in October 2023. 

One of our SIG's 'Working with Schools', has now developed into a webinar. Run by Emma Higgs. Please click on the link or email Emma if you are interested in attending. 

Each of these webinars can be used as CPD opportunities but may be of particular interest to those colleagues wishing to pursue full membership to add to their training portfolio.

Existing Webinars

Andrew Briggs is delivering a 3rd series of his 10-week webinar; Observing Organisations on Thursday evening 8-9.15 pm. The most recent series is starting in October 2023.

Tessa Weir-Jeffries is delivering a 2nd series of her 10-week block work discussion group which will run on Wednesday Evenings 6-7.15 pm, starting on 14th September 2023.

Trudy Darien and Devika Dhar continue to offer the very successful webinar on Race and Diversity. Please click on the link, and register your expressions of interest by sending an email.  

Devika Dhar and Phil Faulkner continue to offer our Infant Observation webinar. Please register your interest by clicking on the link. 

All of these webinars are considered core webinars as part of the Psychodynamic Organisational Therapy Training and would count towards relevant portfolio experience. They are also excellent CPD opportunities. As always, the running of all webinars depends upon take-up on a first come first served basis so we would encourage you to register your interest or sign up as soon as possible.

The APPCIOS Top-Up Training: leading to BPC registration as a psychodynamic psychotherapist. 

We are currently collecting expressions of interest for the new cohort of trainees. If you are an experienced psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic practitioner who wishes to deepen and develop your clinical practice, broaden your client group and develop your capacity to work in a range of settings -  in particular via Zoom follow this link

Current Special Interest Groups

In addition to our webinar series, we continue to offer several SIGs.  You do not need to be a member of APPCIOS to access these, but you do need an account on our community site.  If you are reading this, you will probably have an account.  If you don't, please contact our Admin team here

There are currently three Special Interest Groups running:

  • a free monthly Film Discussion group -  Every month, group members choose a film to watch, and then meet on Zoom to discuss it.   Just send an email to the group convenors - Susan Maciver and Richard Pratt:  here’s their email addresses:  and  They’ll give you more information and the date of the next meeting.     
  • a psychoanalytic reading group, run by Annie Pesskin.  Find out more about this here.   And you can find dates and authors for the next discussions by following this link.  
  •  A Space to Think.  This is a space where everyone can bring their thoughts and questions about the psychoanalytic implications of everyday life and contemporary public concerns; and explore how we apply this approach to organisational dynamics, human relations and individual mental health.  Go here to find out more.
  • Reflective Practice, run by Tony Burch.  We continue to provide a supportive space for psychodynamic practitioners to share experiences and discuss various, and varied, aspects of consulting – whatever the medium.  All are welcome! This is a drop-in group, and while we encourage regular attendance, it is by no means compulsory!  Go here for more information. 

If any of our members are interested in developing and running a SIG please contact us here (Emma or Aly).

Online Therapeutic Services

As well as providing bespoke consultation and training to organisations dealing with vulnerable client groups, some of our qualified therapists are now developing online therapeutic services for members of the public.  

At present, we can offer a limited provision of psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling to young people and adults, as well as therapeutic support to families, parents and carers.  

For more information or to make a referral contact Devika: or
And you can download a leaflet here.  

Take a look at our expanding Library!

There’s a link to it on the top menu of every page on the Community Site.

A few of our members, Tony Burch, Katarina Horrox, Jackie Horsburgh and Mandy Little, have undertaken a very impressive overall of our library. It now contains new material on a wide range of subjects which we hope will be relevant to your working life. Please take a look!


A huge thank you to all members who have completed their CPD returns this year. We have had an excellent return rate!

Joining us

We welcome non-paying members into our community:  just press the 'join us' tab at the top of the page. 

But paying members can get much more.  And it only costs £55 a year!  

For anyone considering taking up a paying APPCIOS membership:

There are lots of good reasons to become a paying member of APPCIOS: 

Go here to see them.

And go here to find out how to join. 

We offer a Training Escalator for anyone working regularly with vulnerable client groups or wanting to deepen their understanding of personal and organisational dynamics within a work situation.  

We provide a wide range of webinars - go here to see what’s on offer at the moment - and free mentoring to help you to decide which ones would best suit your needs.   And we can also provide experiential dynamic groups and individual supervision.  

If you want to gather these into a portfolio to achieve a qualification, we can help you achieve registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council as a Psychodynamic Organisational Therapist. 

And as an Organisational Therapist, you will be eligible to take our top-up training and become a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. 

And finally:

We would love to be able to provide everything for free, but keeping APPCIOS going costs money and we rely on your contributions and the subscriptions of our paying members.
You’ll find a donate button at the top right-hand corner on every page of our Site, just under the APPCIOS logo. 


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