January 2023 Newsletter













As this New Year begins, we hope you are feeling rested and ready for new opportunities.

We are pleased to start the year by bringing you news of recent developments within APPCIOS and by sending you some reminders of current learning and community thinking forums. 

If you have an account on this Site, but are not a member of APPCIOS, do consider joining.   You can find out more about that here.  

New Webinars

We have three exciting new webinars beginning this term delivered by some of our senior colleagues. Information about both can be found on our community site and by clicking on the links below where there are instructions to sign up.

Andrew Briggs is delivering a 10-week webinar; Observing Organisations on Thursday evening 7.30-9pm, hoping to start at the beginning of February.

Tessa Weir-Jeffries is delivering a 10-week block work discussion group which will run on Tuesday evenings 5.30-6.45pm.

Fiona Henderson and Jan McHugh are delivering a reading discussion group:  time and start date to be arranged, please contact Fiona or Jan direct to express your interest. 

Each of these webinars can be used as CPD opportunities but may be of particular interest to those colleagues wishing to pursue full membership to add to their training portfolio.

Existing Webinars

The new webinars listed above add to our already successful existing webinars.  You can sign up for them through the community site links below:

Trudy Darien and Devika Dhar continue to offer the very successful webinar on Race and Diversity. Please click on the link, and register your expressions of interest by sending an email.  

Devika Dhar and Phil Faulkner continue to offer our Infant Observation webinar. Please register your interest by contacting Devika here.

As always, the running of all webinars depends upon take-up on a first come first served basis so we would encourage you to register your interest or sign up as soon as possible.

The APPCIOS Top-Up Training: leading to BPC registration as a psychodynamic psychotherapist. 

This training is intended for experienced psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic practitioners who wish to deepen and develop their clinical practice, broaden their client group and develop their capacity to work in a range of settings - and in particular via Zoom.  To find out more, follow this link.  

Current Special Interest Groups

In addition to our webinar series we continue to offer several SIGs.  You do not need to be a member of APPCIOS to access these, but you do need an account on our community site.  If you are reading this, you will probably have an account.  If you don't, please contact our Admin team here

There are currently four Special Interest Groups running:

Working with Schools - click here for more information

Reflective Practice - click here for more information

Film Discussion Group - click here for more information

Psychoanalytic Reading Group - click here for more information

If any of our members are interested in developing and running a SIG please contact us here (Emma or Aly).

APPCIOS Online Therapeutic Services

We are very excited to be setting up a system through which our qualified members can provide online therapeutic services, unhindered by geography.   We hope to make these services available to members of the public who would otherwise find it impossible to access psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Clinicians will work mainly on Zoom, providing therapeutic services to adults, families and young people throughout the UK.

We very much hope that members of this community will want to support us in this project.

To find out more, please go here.   

Conference 2023

We are busy beginning to organise our conference for the end of Spring 2023. We hope to bring you an exciting and interactive event. Please keep a look out for advertisements on the community site soon and be sure to register your interest.