Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Psychodynamic Thinking

APPCIOS Newsletter

Autumn Term 2022

Autumn is here and we do hope you’re approaching it feeling at least a little rested after the summer.

We’re in for a long and difficult winter, but we hope this Community will continue to provide you with supportive thinking spaces to cope with what’s to come.

You can join our Community any time by opening a free account:  just go here.


The APPCIOS Psychodynamic Thinking Community:

Special Interest Groups are for all users of the Site, and each one provides a unique collaborative thinking and learning space where participants can join together in a confidential environment to share their experiences.   They’re mostly free!  Just press on the titles to find out more!

You can find a list of what’s available by following this link.  We particularly recommend:

*Psychoanalytic Reading Group with Annie Pesskin.   Here is a summary of the group by Annie - or just press the link.

*Film Discussion Group with Susan Maciver and Richard Pratt. 

*Reflective Practice Group with Tony Burch on alternate Thursdays at 6.00 pm

*Working in Schools Group with Anne-Marie Wright on alternate Mondays at 6.00 pm.

Keep a lookout for new groups or write to us here with ideas and suggestions.


We’re also keen to tell you about our other new developments.


Therapeutic Services:

 We are all aware of the growing crisis within mental health services.  In response, we are gathering together several groups of highly trained clinicians who are happy to work online, and to offer group or individual therapy to adults, youngsters and families anywhere within the UK.   For the moment we will have to charge, but our fundraiser is hoping to raise money so that we can eventually offer services that are low-cost or free.   We will be updating you regularly, to let you know what’s happening:  please keep an eye on our Community Bulletin Board, where we’ll be posting more information over the next weeks. 


Accredited Trainings:

 APPCIOS helps to set up and accredit a number of psychodynamic trainings, either freestanding or within organisation working with vulnerable clients. 

 Our accredited trainings include trainings for youth workers, foster carers, residential social workers and teachers.

 You can find more details here.  If you think your organisation could benefit from such a training, do get in touch.  Just email us here.


Cost of Living Crisis:

 Things continue to be very difficult for many people and we’re very sure that this remains ever present on people’s minds. We have endeavoured to help keep costs down and have not increased our membership fee.  We will continue to provide free SIGs and conferences and always appreciate ideas and suggestions.  If you’d like to run a free discussion group, do get in touch and talk to us about it.   Just email Emma.

 Catherine, our fundraiser, is helping us to bid for donations, but we remain largely dependent upon voluntary contributions of both time and money.  If you feel able to help through a donation, click on the 'Donate' button top right of every page on the Community Site

All contributions are gratefully received.


APPCIOS Membership:

 All Community Site Users are welcome to pay a small annual fee to become signed up members of APPCIOS. 

APPCIOS membership entitles you to attend our webinars and to work towards full membership as a Psychodynamic Organisational Therapist, registered with the BPC.

 Just go here to find out more about us.

And then go here if you’d like to become a member.



 Webinars planned for this Autumn include:

*Infant Observation with Devika Dhar and Phil Faulkner. If you are interested in this please email Devika here

*Understanding Race from a Psychodynamic Perspective with Trudy Darien and Devika Dhar. Please contact them here if you’re interested.

*APPCIOS Members’ Group - An opportunity to discuss and present papers and ideas to all members of APPCIOS.   Email Nicola Rivers or Susan Maciver for more details. Next meeting - 19th November 2022 (details to follow).   This group is free.


We provide free support to associate members and senior associate members through our mentoring system.  If you are a full member or a senior associate member, please consider joining our cohort of mentors to support others hoping to develop their psychoanalytic understanding. 

We are holding a mentoring information event on Tuesday 8th November 2022 at 6.30pm. If you are interested in attending, please contact either Emma Higgs or Anne-Marie Wright 

Our New PPT Training:

Our Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training (PPT) is up and running. This is a top-up training for full members who wish to extend their practice into working as individual psychodynamic psychotherapists, both face-to-face and online.  We are working closely with the BPC, and hope that they will accredit this training, so that our graduates will be registered with them as psychodynamic psychotherapists.  If you’re a full member and would like to know more, contact Deborah Marks.

News from Team APPCIOS:

For news from our Management Team, go here.



 If you are an APPCIOS member, your CPD return for 2021-22 is now due.

 Full Members:

For this year, If you are BPC Registered, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THE APPCIOS CPD return: Your BPC CPD return covers you.  However, this arrangement is currently under review.


Senior Associate Members:

You all NEED to complete the form.

 Associate Members do NOT need to complete the form.

Go here for instructions (you’ll need to log in to the Site before following the link).  

If you get stuck email Anne-Marie Wright.

Many thanks for reading ... and just keep pressing the buttons!