Spring 2022 Newsletter



Psychodynamic Thinking



At last Spring is upon us! With the pandemic grinding on, and not as ‘over’ as we would like or are led to believe, it’s been a long winter…

 However APPCIOS continues to provide an exciting mix of webinars, SIGs, and our second annual conference.

Details below, but first a message about our subs renewals going out now.



We are very aware that the cost of living is rising, and that many of our members may find themselves struggling to make ends meet.  We dont want anyone to sacrifice an opportunity for thinking because they are encountering financial difficulties.

So heres what weve decided.


We are NOT increasing the cost of membership.

We have always maintained our policy of keeping our annual subscription low.  Despite inflation, membership subscriptions will remain at their present level - £55 per annum - for this coming year. 

  • OUR ANNUAL CONFERENCE (see below for details)

We are NOT charging for attendance to our conference.

But if you can afford it, do please feel free to send us a donation:  you can find our donatebutton under our logo on the top righthand corner of any page on our Community Site. 

We suggest a donation of around £25.


What we need:

  • APPCIOS is run almost entirely by volunteers, and as we grow their workload grows too.  Wed like to be able to pay them a small remuneration for their time. 
  • Wed also like to create a fund to help people on low wages to pay for attending our webinars, and for individual supervision and therapy. 
  • And wed like to collect enough money to work on making our Community Site easier to navigate - we know how hard it can be to find your way around it.

So, weve recently employed a professional fundraiser.   

Catherine is working with us to write bids for charitable donations.  She is enthusiastic about what we do - and always ready to hear new ideas.  If any of you feel that you could help with contacts or suggestions, please email us at admin@appcios.info


If you want to donate, click on the 'Donate' button top right of every page on the Community Site

Or go straight here.


  • Special Interest Groups are for all members of the Site, and each one provides a unique collaborative thinking and learning space where participants can join together in a confidential environment to share their experiences.   Theyre all free. We have:

*APPCIOS Members’ Group After a successful first meeting, our second is at 10am on 15th May with Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Nicola Rivers presenting her paper ‘An account of the Psychotherapy with a Feral Child’. Interested? Email Nicola or Susan Maciver for more details

*Psychoanalytic Reading Group with Annie Peskin. Please check group page

*Film Discussion Group with Susan Maciver and Richard Pratt. Last Wednesday of the month at 7.30. Details on the Community Site

*Reflective Practice Group with Tony Burch on alternate Thursdays at 6.00

*Working in Schools Group with Anne-Marie Wright on alternate Thursdays at 6.00 pm. Email to join


  • Webinars are valuable CPD components and will help your progression as an APPCIOS member.

CPD Discussion Forum with Fiona Henderson and Jan McHugh


Since the pandemic a wealth of psychoanalytic CPD events has become available online and increasingly in-person too.  For example, between April and July, the Melanie Klein Trust will be hosting two terms of weekly online Lectures by former Tavistock Clinic Psychoanalyst, Dr David Bell, as below, and we highly recommend this course. The Lectures can be attended as a series or individually as you prefer.


We plan to run a CPD Discussion Forum later in the year in response to these Lectures. The Forum will meet online on a few occasions and will be facilitated by both of us. There will be a charge for each Forum. 

The Forum will provide an opportunity to re-visit some of the main themes, theoretical ideas and learning points and, most importantly, to discuss the application of these ideas to the settings in which you work.  We hope that the Forum will ‘scaffold’ the Lectures and help you get more from them. 

If you think you might be interested, please let us know and we will stay in touch.  

Access the Webinar and SIG/Discussion Group pages via the red oblongs on the Home Page of the Community Site, or via ‘Main Search’


  • APPCIOS Conference 2022: Citizenship – Belonging or Not?

with Andrew Briggs, Deborah Marks & Ariel Nathanson, Trudy Darien, Salma Siddiqui. Plus small and large group discussions. Chaired by Jenny Sprince

7th May 10-4 Registration is now open. Free to attend; donation invited


Thank you for reading this!