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Since the pandemic a wealth of psychoanalytic CPD events has become available online and increasingly in-person too.  For example, between April and July, the Melanie Klein Trust will be hosting two terms of weekly online Lectures by former Tavistock Clinic Psychoanalyst, Dr David Bell, as below, and we highly recommend this course. The Lectures can be attended as a series or individually as you prefer.


We plan to run a CPD Discussion Forum later in the year in response to these Lectures. The Forum will meet online on a few occasions and will be facilitated by both of us. There will be a charge for each Forum. 

The Forum will provide an opportunity to re-visit some of the main themes, theoretical ideas and learning points and, most importantly, to discuss the application of these ideas to the settings in which you work.  We hope that the Forum will ‘scaffold’ the Lectures and help you get more from them. 

If you think you might be interested, please let us know and we will stay in touch.  


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