Climate Emergency: Can we think about it?

A series of weekly seminars on Thursday evenings 7-8.30 from Jan 2022



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Andrew Briggs
Susan Maciver
Tony Burch

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The climate crisis will fast become a catastrophe if humans fail to slow the rising temperature. It seems unthinkable that we are in this situation. How did we get here? How can we get out of it?  Why are the timeframes for preventing the catastrophe seemingly ignored by those in power, and those citizens who seem to be in denial of the emergency? The way into and out of the emergency are strewn with clues. Exceptionalism is a self-perpetuating spiral of the disavowal of human agency, that has brought the emergency. Week by week we will be taking aspects of this human mind-set and examining its power to corrupt the need to register the emergency, and act accordingly. Throughout we will be interested in opportunities for what Bion (1962.1992) wrote of as K and -K functioning


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