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Containing Groups

APPCIOS is a Member Institution of the British Psychoanalytic Council.

The British Psychoanalytic Council is one of the umbrella organisations that regulate the professions of psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling. 

APPCIOS is a Member Institution of the BPC.  This is important to us, because it means that our full members are automatically eligible for membership of the BPC, and - through them - the register for psychotherapists held by the Professional Standards Authority.

There are other regulators:   the UKCP,  the BACP and the ACP.   They are all a little different, but they share a concern in the proper training and support of practitioners of talking therapies. 

Like any powerful intervention, psychotherapy can cause harm if used carelessly or irresponsibly.  These organisations exist to protect the public by ensuring that psychotherapists are properly trained, and to provide redress if psychotherapists transgress through negligence, incompetence or corruption. 

The regulators work to ensure that ethical and professional standards are maintained, and their Member Institutions rely on the governance that they provide.