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Containing Groups

Here are some of the courses and webinars we accredit.

We accredit trainings, courses and webinars as approved CPD components that can be added to our members' portfolios.  We keep in contact with all these accredited components, so we have a good idea of what each of them provides.  This means our mentors can help our members to choose the CPD elements that are best suited to them. 

If you look at the 'Groups to Join' section of this website, you'll see that many of our trainings are represented here - though their rooms may still be 'under construction'.  It will take time for people to work out how best to use this Site. 

Here's a selection of a few of the organisations whose courses we currently accredit, with links to their websites:

The Mulberry Bush - this course provides training for staff working with troubled children within the Mulberry Bush therapeutic community and school.

TCTO - this is an undergraduate degree run by the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex University.  Students study one day a week, while continuing to work within schools, children's homes and other similar organisations.

Oxpip - we accredit their parent/infant psychotherapy training.

LCPC - the Leicester Centre for Psychodynamic Counselling provides a training for counsellors workings within a team or an organisation. 

We also accredit a range of webinars.  These, too, will be represented on the Site - and we will be building private rooms where webinar participants can message and Zoom with one another.