Reading Groups from APPCIOS.

These theory reading groups are CPD components for APPCIOS members.  

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Two new theory webinars for APPCIOS members.


1)   Psychodynamic Foundations - Key Texts in Psychodynamic Writing:  A Reading Group for Associate Members. 

We are running a new reading group for Associate Members who are interested in exploring core psychodynamic concepts with others through reading key papers and book chapters together. We will look at central ideas in psychoanalysis that have particular relevance to working in therapeutic roles and to thinking about organisational dynamics. We will read about processes such as containment, projection and acting out and discuss their relevance to the settings in which we work.   

This group is for practitioners who have little or no formal psychodynamic background but who are keen to learn and apply psychodynamic thinking to their work and practice.  It will be convened by Fiona Henderson.

The group will run every 3 weeks by Zoom on Thursdays from 5.30 to 6.45pm - there may be some flexibility about this this depending on what people can manage. 

The cost is £25 per meeting, invoiced for the term ahead, and we will meet for around 10 weeks in the year.  

Please email Fiona directly if you might be interested or would like to know more. Your mentor will also be happy to think about it with you. 


2)   Deepening Psychodynamic Understandings and Practice:  A Reading Group for Senior Associate Members.

In challenging times especially, it can be difficult to cultivate thoughtful spaces, and to keep in touch.

Reading Groups are now available for Senior Associate Members who have familiarity with psychodynamic and psychoanalytic writing and who would like further opportunities to read and think with others.  These groups will be facilitated by Jan McHugh. 

These Reading Groups will provide a regular space for considering psychodynamic thinking and practice in a committed group of between 3 - 6 peers, and to reflect upon the application of psychoanalytic ideas to diverse work-life settings.

Group members will have the opportunity to nominate and introduce texts of particular interest, providing stimulating starting points for facilitated discussions.

APPCIOS Senior Associate Members may apply to join one of two groups (each running for 10-12 weeks in the year, by agreement between group members). 

Meetings will take place 3-weekly on Zoom as follows:

  • Monday SAM Reading Group:   12.30 - 2pm
  • Thursday SAM Reading Group:  5.30 - 7pm

Even if these particular timings do not suit you, do get in touch: we will do our best to meet requirements where sufficient numbers have common availability.

The cost is £27 per meeting, invoiced for the term ahead.

To learn more and to reserve your place, please email Jan.


We look forward very much to hearing from you.