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February 2021

RESEARCH:  requests from APPCIOS members.

Parent/Infant Outcome Research

Marigemma Rocco writes:

I am looking for anyone interested in thinking with me about what already exists in outcome research about the importance of the therapeutic network around the parent/infant dyad, and the application of therapeutic community thinking to parent/infant work, where there is severe risk of harm to the infant.  

If you would llke to join me in this thinking, do get in touch with me here

Research on The role of shame in thwarting or enhancing the therapeutic endeavour. 

Sharan Collins is studying for a PhD at Edinborough University on this important topic, and is looking to recruit participants for her research. Please go here to find out more.

JOBS:  posts advertised by APPCIOS members.

Aly Thompson, Clinical lead for Mosaic Foster Care, has asked us to draw Site Users' attention to an advertisement for a therapeutic practitioner.  Here's a link to the job description, and you can find out more from Aly by contacting her here.  


Updating the Community Site

As the Site becomes busier, we’re learning more about what we need to do to make it more user-friendly.   As you may have noticed, Mark, our technician, is assiduous in updating it with new functionality every few weeks.  Here’s what his latest update has provided:

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