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How the site was created: the architects and craftsmen . . .

This is to introduce you to our techies, without whom this site would not exist.  

First, there was Heathcliffe Bird:  Heathcliffe is a hugely talented website designer - he built our website which you can find on

You can find out more about Heathcliffe by going to his personal website: 

The general design and shape of this site was Heathcliffe's conception and he worked closely with us to shape it to our needs.  He's an amazing and inspiring colleague, and gave us the equivalent of a two-year foundation training in how websites work:  we’d never have got here without him.  But he warned us from the start that constructing such a site and making it workable would take a long time - and that he mightn’t have that much time to give us.   

Then came Mark Edwards.  Mark has spent the best part of a year building the functionality of this site to Heathcliffe's design.  As you can imagine, that was a complex task:  it has to be watertight in providing private and confdential spaces, and simple to use for people who are far from expert in technology.   It has to be interactive and intuitive - and thanks to Heathcliffe we now know enough to understand how difficult it is to make this look easy.  

We think that Mark and Heathcliffe, between them, have done a wonderful job.  

But as you can see, it's not yet finished.  Mark will be following Heathcliffe’s original designs and Heathcliffe will be on hand to help: but that will take more coding to achieve.  Think of it as a house that hasn’t yet been decorated:  we’ve still got to plaster, paint and decorate the walls.  But it’s watertight, so we can start to move in!

We hope you’ll soon feel at home, as we redecorate around you.  

If you want to take a look at Heathcliffe's original designs, go here,


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Mark has his own blog site where he vents his occasional frustrations.  If you want to take a look at it, it's here:

And as a bonus, he's put in a picture of himself!