APPCIOS webinars 2021


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Containing Groups

Current and future webinars . . .

In Progress

  • Thinking about Race.  We still have spaces for people wanting to attend.  Email us here.
  • Infant Observation
  • Thinking about Fathers
  • Psychoanalytic Theories : a Reading Group

Coming Soon

  • Psychoanalysis and Citizenship:  a webinar facilitated by Andrew Briggs
    • Andrew writes:   There are a great many issues within citizenship including government, governing and governance. This particular trident of experiences raises many questions: What is power? Who has power over whom? To what aim does power work? What sort of states of mind are created by different sorts of government? Is being governed a similar experience for the citizen as being led? What can we expect from the State as citizens:  is this the same as our expectation of government? And ultimately: What states of mind are created by different types of government and different political parties? These raise further questions about containment:  the fracturing of the container (e.g. our workplaces, and the body social)  and the effect of this on the capacity to think.   How difficult is it to think about the rights of citizens in current democracies? Is there an infantilisation of citizens going on that is designed to ensure that they cannot develop and think/ think and develop? 

    • If you would be interested in attending this webinar, contact us at, quoting 'Psychoanalysis and Citizenship'.

  • Work Discussion
  • Bion Reading Group - more information to follow. . . .

For more information on any of these, please email us at