APPCIOS Topup Training

The APPCIOS Topup Training, leading to BPC registration as a psychodynamic psychotherapist.



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Deborah Marks
Tony Burch

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This training is intended for experienced psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic practitioners who wish to deepen and develop their clinical practice, broaden their client group and develop their capacity to work in a range of settings - and in particular via Zoom. 

It is particularly suitable for the following groups:

  • Psychotherapeutic practitioners who have trained to work with a specific client group (such as children, families or couples) and now wish to be registered to work with adults.
  • CIinicians who are registered to work within team and organisational settings who now wish to work independently.
  • Experienced psychodynamic counsellors who wish to deepen their clinical work. 

The training is designed to offer bespoke pathways so that trainees can undertake modules in appropriate areas without unnecessary duplication of their previous learning.   

Available modules will include webinars in classical psychoanalytic thinking,  psychoanalytic observation, self-reflective work, clinical technique, assessment,  and ethical and practical issues when working virtually.  The training will draw upon the latest theoretical developments and research in psychoanalysis, attachment theory and neuropsychoanalysis and neuroscience.   Every module will attend critically to difference and discrimination around culture, disability, race, gender and sexuality.  

Trainees will be expected to see at least two patients for a year and two for six months.  However, other aspects of the training are flexible, and the time commitment and length of training will vary depending on previous training/s and experience.  Each student will complete the training at their own pace, and will not undertake more than the equivalent of one day’s study per week, at most.  Wherever possible, webinars will be arranged to meet the timetables of the individual.

Fees will be charged per module undertaken.  As all modules will be taught via Zoom, costs per module will be very reasonable when compared with alternative BPC validated trainings. 

An introductory webinar to the programme will begin in the Autumn, and it is expected that further modules will become available in the Spring. 

Please contact Deborah Marks, Course Director, for an initial informal discussion.


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